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Pinghe Bilingual School




With an area of about 640 square meters, the public hall on the first floor of No.4 building in Pinghe Bilingual School is not only a traffic space for a large number of people to evacuate, but also has multiple complex functions such as dining, exhibition, self-study, discussion, and rest. 


Based on the investigation, the lighting designer uses the evidence-based design method of healthy lighting, and proposes a holistic lighting strategies such as improving visual adaptability, reducing brightness contrast, improving spatial brightness perception, and reducing uncomfortable glare. By replacing fixtures, supplementing vertical lighting, improving light quality, and developing circadian lighting strategies, the overall brightness level and illumination uniformity in this space are effectively improved under the same interior conditions. A safe, bright, comfortable and vibrant space is achieved.


Location: Shanghai, China 
Completion: 2021


Project Director – Frank Guo
Lead Lighting Designer – Xiaoyu Wang

Design Team – Shanghai Studio

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