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Light Pollution

The inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light – known as light pollution – can have serious environmental consequences for humans, wildlife and our climate. We are trying to preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through environmentally responsible outdoor lighting.

Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting is lighting devoted to enhancing vision, wellbeing, and performance individually or in some combination. Human Centric Lighting solutions can support the human circadian rhythm, enhance concentration, prevent sleeping disorders and improve our overall well-being.

Public Space

Public space is becoming increasingly scarce as a resource - making its design and use more valuable and relevant than ever. Great public spaces are the living room of the city - the place where people come together to enjoy the city and each other.  Public spaces make high quality life in the city possible - they form the stage and backdrop to the drama of life.

Smart City

A smart city is a framework, predominantly composed of information and communication technologies, to develop, deploy and promote sustainable development practices to address growing urbanization challenges. Smart cities use the latest innovations in the Internet of Things to become more livable, resilient, economically sound, and sustainable. 

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