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Ningbo Academician Center




Located in a traditional village at the foot of Taogong Mountain, Ningbo Academician Center is rebuilt on the site of the former Ningbo Normal University, which was established in 1962. As an advanced campus for national academicians, it is composed of Academic Complex Building (formerly East Building), Design and R&D Building (formerly West Building), Visitor Center (formerly Canteen), Tao Gong Auditorium (formerly Dormitory), Landscape Corridor and Landscape Tower.


The exterior lighting adopts a holistic planning and design strategy. By carefully layering the brightness of different areas, using evidence-based lighting design methods, leveraging advanced adaptive lighting control systems, interpreting the unique architectural language and spatial form,  a unique and eco-friendly nightscape is created with visual comfort and pleasure. 


Location: Zhejiang, China 
Completion: 2021


Project Director – Frank Guo
Lead Lighting Designer – Finn Gu

Design Team – Shanghai Studio

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