New Research Paper about the Design of Light Environment in Public Space of Teaching Building Published in Hua Zhong Architecture

November 27, 2020

A new research paper by Lin Yi, Zen Xianxia, Xiao Xiaoxi, Guo Fei, Wang Xiaoyu and Zhu Lili, The Design of Light Environment in Public Space of Teaching Building Based on Emotional Health Needs, has been published in Hua Zhong Architecture (Issue 11, 2020).

The lighting quality of educational space is not only related to the visual health of students, but also affects their emotional regulation and physical health. Based on the theory of the light effect on the psychological and emotional state of primary and middle school students, we introduce the design process of the lighting renovation in the hall of Building 4 of Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School.

Shanghai Xinyuan Park Open to the Public

October 28, 2020

Lighting designed by INNOVISION, the new Xinyuan Park at Lingnag Free Trade Zone in Shanghai is open to the public recently.

Frank's Lecture about Lighting Design at Shanghai University Of Engineering Science

October 28, 2020

Invited by Shanghai University Of Engineering Science, Frank gave a lecture about lighting design for the graduate students in the school of arts and design on this Thursday.

Favored Nano Technology New Headquarters

August 27, 2020

We are delighted to announce INNOVISION has been appointed as lighting designer for Favored Nanotechnology New Headquarters.

Shanghai Hu-Song Roadway Environment Improvement

August 03, 2020

We are excited to announce INNOVISION has been appointed as urban designer for Shanghai Hu-Song Roadway Environment Improvement.

Frank's Lecture for China National Registered Lighting Designer

July 17, 2020

Invited by Santan Lighting College and China Illuminating Engineering Society, Frank gave a two-day lecture about interior lighting design in the training course for China National Registered Lighting Designer.  

Ningbo Academician Center

March 01, 2020

We are delighted to announce INNOVISION's involvement in the exterior and interior lighting design for Ningbo Academician Center.

Happy Chinese New Year

January 25, 2020


Nanjing Urban Governance Roundtable Forum

January 16, 2020

As an international design and planning practice with one of the focuses on urban regeneration, INNOVISION is pleased to be invited by Nanjing Urban Governance Committee, to presented a keynote speech about urban regeneration strategy with public participation on the 23rd roundtable forum.

During the speech, our founding principal Frank present INNOVISION's strategy to achieve sustainable urban regeneration, by using comprehensive public value-oriented methods including scene creation and place making. 

Frank's receiving appointment as graduate supervisor in School of Art & Design, SUES

November 25, 2019

Frank Guo, the founding principal of Innovision Design Group is honored to receive the appointment as graduate supervisor in School of Art and Design, Shanghai University of Engineering Science.


Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) is a widely recognized university specializing in applied technologies and engineering sciences, focusing on interdisciplinary integration of economics and management, and art design, etc. and promoting a well-coordinated development of undergraduate, graduate and higher vocational education.

Light Asia 2019 International Lighting Design Seminar & Workshop in Shanghai

October 17, 2019

Innovision Design Group is pleased to support Light Asia as a co-organizer for 2019 International Lighting Design Seminar & Workshop, which will be held in Shanghai, China from November 8th to 10th.

Light Asia is an NPO organization whose goal is to create opportunities for students and lighting professionals to share ideas and experience, communicate and learn through worldwide events, and spread culture of light with an open mind.

Light Asia lighting events have been held in Paju, Korea in 2013, Daeku, Korea in 2015, Bankok, Thailand in 2017, and Fukuoka, Japan in 2018. 

LUCI Annual General Meeting 2019 in Shanghai

September 25, 2019

The LUCI AGM 2019 in Shanghai is taking place this week (25 - 27 September 2019). Over 35 cities from LUCI and beyond will be in Shanghai to discuss urban lighting, city nightscape, smart lighting and lighting trends worldwide.

As the associated member of LUCI, Innovision Design Group is pleased to participate this grand event, to share the insights and our recent practicing in urban lighting masterplanning, design and smart city strategy.

Shangqiu Architectural Design Building

June 07, 2019

We are delighted to announce our involvement in the exterior lighting design for Shangqiu Architectural Design Building.


Located in the CBD core area of Shangqiu city, this elegant office building with 89.75 meters height will provide comprehensive functions for architectural design services. The total planned investment of the project is about 600 million RMB.

Frank's Keynote Speech at 2019 China Nanjing Landscape Lighting Summit

April 24, 2019

Invited by Nanjing City Management Bureau, Frank gave a keynote speech, The Developing & Deploying Strategy for Public Urbanscape Lighting in Smart City, at 2019 China Nanjing Landscape Lighting Summit held on the 24th of April.

Frank's speech focused on the people-centered lighting design approach to response the trend of smart city. Some case studies and researches accomplished recently by INNOVISION were also shared in his presentation. 

During this summit, Frank was honored to receive the appointment as the member of think-tank about urban lighting for Nanjing City Management Bureau.

New Research Paper about Shanghai Urban Park Lighting Guide Published in Lamps & Lighting Journal

April 11, 2019

A new research paper by Yonghua Gai, Frank Guo and Finn Gu, the Development and Deployment of Shanghai Urban Park Lighting Guide, has been published in Lamps & Lighting Journal (Issue 1, 2019).

Along with the opening of urban parks in Shanghai at night, the municipal authority needs to standardize and regulate the setting of lighting facilities, to better serve the people with a safer, more sustainable and more attractive place.  Guo Lighting Studio at INNOVISION has been commissioned to draft this guide for deployment.

Shanghai Park Lighting Guide includes two parts: the Lighting Application Guide and the Lighting Facility Guide. The Lighting Application Guide is developed to provide guidance on how to choose a lighting method for these typical applications in park to achieve the required lighting goals. The Lighting Facility Guide is intended to provide the recommended advice on lighting fixtures and lighting control systems for the application above mentioned.


Lighting Certified by National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions

March 01, 2019

Recently, INNOVISION's designers received or renewed their LC professional designations, which is recognized as our commitment to providing quality lighting solutions and energy savings through advanced application of modern lighting technologies.


The LC designation is managed by the National Council for the Qualification of the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) and demonstrates proficiency in lighting design and application. Candidates must either hold a bachelor’s degree plus at least three years of lighting-related experience or have at least six years of lighting-related experience and pass a four-hour, 180-question exam. The U.S. General Services Administration requires all federal building lighting design projects to be performed or supervised by an LC designer.

INNOVISION Recognized as an Associated Member of LUCI

February 07, 2019

LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) is the international network of cities on urban lighting. Created in 2002 at the initiative of the City of Lyon, today, LUCI is a non-profit organisation bringing together over 70 member towns and cities worldwide that use light as a tool for social, cultural and economic development.

Innovision Design Group is an international planning and design practice providing leading light, water and space solutions for built environment. By being part of LUCI network, INNOVISION is confident that more value in urban lighting applications will be created and shared through this global platform.

Happy Lunar New Year

February 05, 2019


The 6th Seminar of Deutsch-Chinesisches Bauforum

January 25, 2019

INNOVISION is pleased to be invited by Deutsch-Chinesisches Bauforum and give a keynote speech for the 6th seminar, hosted by MOD Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd..

MOD is founded by Mr. Bing Chen, German Chinese architect and president of "dcb Deutsch-Chinesisches Bauforum e.V." in 2004. MOD's operations cover urban planning, architectural design, gardening, landscaping and interior design. The design team members come from China and Germany.

HB Financial Holding Building

January 23, 2019

We are excited to announce our involvement as lighting designer and consultant for HB Financial Holding Building, Wuhan, Hubei Province of China.

Located in the financial core area of the city, this 180 meter-height building will be a new landmark with a construction area of approximately 134,000 square meters, including 3 underground floors and 40 floors above ground.

2019 New Year Academic Seminar of China Exhibition Society

January 15, 2019

Invited by China Exhibition Society, INNOVISION is pleased to contribute and share our insights about the lighting for exhibition.


Frank Guo, our president and design director, is giving a keynote speech of "Exhibition Lighting Design for Brand Communication" at the 2019 New Year Academic Seminar of China Exhibition Society, hosted by Donghua University, Shanghai, China.

New Research Paper about Human-Centered Design Published in China Illuminating Engineering Journal

January 01, 2019

A new research paper by Frank Guo and Finn Gu, Human-Centered Design Approach & Application Strategy for Public Lighting in Smart City, has been published in China Illuminating Engineering Journal (No.6, Vol.29).


In response to the constantly changing demand and the related challenges for lighting design in urban public space,a human-centered design approach based on a fundamental framework,which follows the trend of smart city and leveraging the opportunities from the emerging technologies such as digital lighting and IoT sensor network,is proposed to restructure the value system of a sustainable urban public lighting by focusing on the user experience. Some lighting design strategies for urban smart public lighting are also provided.

Light Show on Zhonghua Gate of Nanjing Ming City Wall

December 26, 2018

We are excited to announce that INNOVISION has been appointed as the solution consultant for the light show with 3D on Zhonghua Gate of Nanjing Ming City Wall.

Zhonghua Gate is a defensive complex on the city wall of NanjingChina. It is a renowned ancient city gate in China with the most complex structure in the world. The light show is going to be presented in the coming Lantern Festival to celebrate the Chinese lunar new year.

E-book "Light Pollution: A Global Discussion" Published

December 24, 2018

We are pleased to advise that the e-book  “Light Pollution: A Global Discussion” has been sucessfully published and INNOVISION has had the great opportunity to contribute in the international expert discussion.

The publication addresses the growing number of concerns associated with artificial light at night (ALAN) by bringing together expert views on lighting, its unwanted side effects and promising mitigation strategies from around the world and across disciplines.

The e-book presents three curated expert discussions on three key issues: the protection of dark skies, the controversial question of color temperature for street lighting, and the regulation of commercial lighting. It also presents results of a global online survey, in which lighting professionals, astronomers and environmental researchers shared their views on light pollution. 

The ongoing debate will be an inspiration and invitation to continue the discussion on sustainable lighting that goes beyond energy efficiency.

Meeting with LUCI at Lyon Light Festival Forum

December 07, 2018

As more and more cities seek to be recognized as “Creative Cities”, artistic lighting and light festivals are a way to reveal their creative potential all the while engaging with their citizens. The Lyon Light Festival Forum 2018 will be the opportunity to continue exploring the use of permanent and temporary light for cities, focusing on strategies melding these two types of light to uncover new forms of creative lighting that are emerging throughout the world.

As a professional design and consulting firm for architecture space and urban environment, INNOVISION has been actively engaged in many significant urban public projects, from lighting planning, water feature design to public art show. Our managing director, Frank is pleased to be invited and meet with Mr. Mark BURTON-PAGE, the general director of LUCI Association (Light Urban Community International), to discuss the opportunity of collaboration in an inspiring way.   

Sinan 507 Restaurant & Bar Smart Lighting Retrofit

November 12, 2018

We are pleased to be involved as lighting consultant for the smart retrofit of Sinan 507 Restaurant & Bar. 

Located in the legendary Sinan Mansions' area, the former French concession in Shanghai, Sinan 507 Restaurant & Bar is going to re-open with a new positioning as a luxury dinning and social venue in the near future.

Strategic Partnership between Lady Bund and INNOVISION

October 16, 2018

We are excited  to announce that a memo of strategic partnership between Shanghai Lady Bund Catering Management Co., Ltd. and Innovision Design Group has been signed recently.

As one of the most prestigious brands in catering industry, Lady Bund is dedicated to create an inspiring lifestyle by extraordinary experience about food, fashion and luxury. From 2016, Innovision Design Group has been proudly involved in the lighting design and spacial consultancy for all Lady Bund restaurants and Realm Club, which is a premium chamber only for elite member. The strategic partnership will certainly further strengthen both parties' competence and bring even more superior experience for the customer.

Smart Public Lighting Planning & Design for Nanjing International Healthcare Area

October 11, 2018

We are delighted to announce that we have been appointed to work on the smart city planning & design for Nanjing International Healthcare Area.

Advanced health industry is the major focus of Nanjing International Health Area, which will provide a comprehensive health service system including medical education, research and medicine integrated development. By leveraging the smart city platform, this area will be built into a vibrant and livable city centre.

Eco-planning & Design for Public Space Maintenance - Nanjing Urban Governance Roundtable Forum

August 30, 2018

Public spaces have the power to connect people and cities. Our impressions of a city are formed mainly by the quality of public spaces. Successful public spaces require good planning, design, funding, programming, and maintenance. Are we ready for the evolution of a smarter city?


Our managing director, Frank is glad to be invited again as keynote speaker in Nanjing Urban Governance Roundtable Forum on August 31st 2018, to share his insights about urban public space maintenance models & strategies from the perspective of planning and design.

Xinhui Urban Lighting Design

August 21, 2018

We are pleased to be involved in the urban lighting design for Xinhui, which is one of the major urban districts in Jiangmen, Guangdong, China.

​As a famous historical and cultural city, Xinhui is looking for the opportunity to upgrade its public space in urban area and improve the quality of living. The new nighttime landscape will also play an important role in the city’s image and attractiveness. 

Energy Consultant for Beijing Huizhong and Datun Roadway Tunnel Lighting

July 28, 2018

We are pleased to be invited by Beijing Century Zubom Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and involved as Energy Consultant in the lighting retrofit project for Beijing Huizhong and Datun Roadway Lighting Tunnel.

Zubom is a public listed company in National Equities Exchange and Quotations and focus on energy saving services. By partnering with Innovision, Zubom will further enhance its competitive advantage in the energy saving market.

Research on Energy Efficiency of Urban Nightscape Lighting

July 25, 2018

Lighting, through its ability to create nighttime appeal, has been taken not only as an urban strategy to strengthen the identity and position, but also as one of the most important drivers to boost night-time economy.  Along with the fast growing nightscape lighting for the cities all over China, the efficiency issue is getting more and more critical and will impact on the substantial development in long term.

We are pleased to be involved in the scientific project "Research on Energy Efficiency of Urban Nightscape Lighting", which is led by Shanghai municipal authority and aims to develop a framework to evaluate this issue.

Lighting Master Plan for Fuqing Urban Core Area

May 31, 2018

We are delighted to announce our involvement in the master lighting plan for Fuqing urban area.


Located in the north-central part of Fujian's sea coast, Fuqing is one of the strongest county-level cities in China. The lighting master plan will provide a holistic approach to the city lighting strategy by looking at lighting from the overall large-scale city pattern down to the micro environment of streets, parks, squares and buildings.

How to Revitalize Urban Vitality by Laneways and Alleys - Nanjing Urban Governance Roundtable Forum

May 28, 2018

In a city where the value of land continues to rise exponentially, finding new ways to create and use public space is crucial to the success and social well-being of city dwellers. Laneways and alleys take up a significant amount of land in the cities, yet remain one of our most under-utilized public assets.

As one of the pioneer cities in China, Nanjing is going to further explore the value of the alley in the urban area. Our managing director, Frank is glad to be invited recently as keynote speaker in Nanjing Urban Governance Roundtable Forum on May 31st 2018, to share his insights about how these underused spaces can be successfully transformed into valuable public places for people by re-design.

Global Discussion on Light Pollution

May 23, 2018

As a long-term dark sky advocate, we are glad to be involved in the scientific project “Light Pollution: A Global Discussion”. 


This project aims to identify debates and common problems in the field around the world, to share these broadly and to stir the political debate. The central outcome will be a free e-book publication which will be spread in lighting and environmental networks.

Our managing director, also the leader of IDA Shanghai Chapter, Frank is invited to join the Global Discussion on Light Pollution on June 19, to contribute to that debate with his profound insights and experiences regarding the dark sky legislation in Shanghai and his IDA activities. 

Strategic Partnership with Xtudio in Netherlands

April 09, 2018

We are excited to announce our new strategic partnership with Xtudio, a Netherlands based leading spacial design team. 


Xtudio was founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It focuses on exploring the relationship between space and story through design practices and providing more perspectives for design through an international team composition. In the design of a large number of cultural spaces and exhibition spaces, Xtudio believes that space is the best medium for storytelling.

The strategic partnership between Innovision and Xtudio will certainly strengthen both sides' competence on global design practice with local dedicated service.

Pingtan CRH Central Station Complex

April 04, 2018

We are pleased to announce our involvement as lighting designers for Pingtan CRH Central Station Complex, which is scheduled to put into use in 2019 and will be the new transportation hub of this international tourism island.

China Telcom More Fun Pilot Shop

March 26, 2018

More Fun is a brand new concept promoted by China Telcom to showcase its platform for IoT technology and intelligent ecosystem.


We are delighted that our concept design of "Magic Cube", an interactive light installation, has been accepted and presented in the pilot shop. 

Ladybund Hangzhou Restaurant

January 08, 2018

We are delighted to announce our involvement as lighting designers for Ladybund Hangzhou, scheduled to open to the public in spring 2018.


As a prestigious brand in China catering industry, Ladybund will redefine the benchmark of extraordinary experience for luxury lifestyle with fine dinning in Hangzhou, which is recognized as one of the most beautiful and well-known cities in China.

Xinsu West Lake Boutique Guest House

October 18, 2017

We are pleased to be invited as lighting consultant in Xinsu West Lake Boutique Guest House.


This traditional courtyard-style house built in the early 20th century, reflecting the course of traditional context embracing Western styles, is now one of the best places to experience the lifestyle of ancient Jiang Nan.

Shanghai releases the lighting guide for urban parks and public green spaces

April 20, 2017

To further regulate the lighting design and application in urban parks and public green spaces, Shanghai releases a lighting guide recently and makes it effective from April, 2017.


This lighting guide consists of two parts, the application guidelines and the equipment guidelines. Guo Lighting Studio under Innovision Design Group was commissioned to draft this guide, which is also the first lighting guide for urban parks and public green spaces in China.

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