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Fuqing Downtown Area




The Lighting Master Plan for Fuqing downtown area represents Fuqing municipal authority’s key statement on illuminating the core area of the city, under the guidance of the Master Plan for Fuqinq City, 2014–2030. It is the first strategy for illuminating and showcasing the nighttime landscape of Fuqing core area as a whole. It is focused on the future, with a timeline extending to 2030.

The Lighting Master Plan adopts a high-level approach, proposing an illumination framework and lighting

guidelines. Detailed recommendations will be required for certain areas or to address specific themes. One of the roles of the Lighting Master Plan is to guide these future detailed analyses and ensure a coherent approach.

Location: Fuqing, China 
Completion: 2018


Project Director – Frank Guo
Lead Lighting Planner – Finn Gu

Design Team – Shanghai Studio

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