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Historical Museum Frankfurt



Situated in the city centre of Frankfurt, between then town hall and the Main river, is the completely refurbished and newly extended Historical Museum Frankfurt.


Kossmann.dejong designed three  exhibitions – one temporary and two permanent – that highlight the many faces of Frankfurt. For the ‘Typically Frankfurt!’ exhibition, which connects the entrance with the new building, Kossmann.dejong designed a snow globe – one of the most ubiquitous tourist souvenirs – to start the museum experience. Inside the globe, visitors encounter eight clichéd representations of the city illustrated in eight different scenes built as scale models made by eight international artists. Visitors choose which cliché they would like to see and a specially-designed robot then transports the chosen scene up from the cellar.

Location: Frankfurt m, Germany 
Completion: 2017

Project Director – Xuyang Zhao

Lead Space Designer – Xuyang Zhao

Design Team – Xtudio Spacial Design

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