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Ladybund & Realm Bund 22 Shanghai



Located in a century-old red-brick building on the Bund of Shanghai, this historical office space with an area about 680 square meters is now a luxury restaurant and club, which serves as a prestigious gathering venue for finest dinning and extraordinary social interaction. 

The design challenge was to provide superior quality of light for appreciating and tasting the delicate cuisine, while defining the atmosphere of unique luxury with elegance, which represents the philosophy of the brand. Additionally, the limitation of low ceiling height (3.7m, 12ft), the adaptation of multifunction, the diversity of the interior style and the consideration of energy consumption also require the lighting can achieve a harmony result without compromise on visual comfort and pleasure. 

The lighting concept was developed to optimize the perception of the luxurious environment and enhance the experience of dinning and entertainment. The welcoming and relaxing ambience is defined and united by the layers of 2700K warm light. High CRI above 90 is specified for all LED sources including the trimless downlights and the cove lighting, which integrate well with the architecture and reveal the interior details in a quiet and comfort way. The gentle uplight from the decorative fixtures provide an appropriate luminance for the surrounding surfaces, which greatly eases the feeling of pressure from the low ceiling space. All the dinning tables are strategically focused by adding energy-efficient halogen to perfectly present the food. Special colour kinetic light is artistically applied in the connecting area between the entrance and inner space, which creates an attraction of exploration for this place.

A smart control system is used for all 73 lighting circuits to satisfy the different thematic or multifunctional scenarios and energy management. The optional daytime operation mode can achieve further energy saving by incorporating the daylight from the historical large arched windows.


Location: Shanghai, China 
Completion: 2017


Project Director – Frank F. Guo
Lead Lighting Designer – Finn Y.F. Gu

Design Team – Shanghai Studio

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