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Mengbi Cultural Industry Park




Mengbi Cultural Industry Park is located in the central area of Xituo New City, a new development of Pucheng County. Adjacent to the Mengbishan Cultural Park and the Fan Di'an Art Museum on its east side, this industrial park will leverage Pucheng's rich traditional culture to upscale the local cultural and educational industry.


The plan carefully evaluates and analyzes the space characteristics as a modern cultural education place. At the same time, the local cultural tradition is fully integrated and balanced to achieve an overall college-style layout. The building façades adopt warm-coloured curtain walls with sloping roofs. The wooden elements well reflect the local traditional architecture features.


Location: Fujian, China
Completion: 2019


Project Director – Woody Chen
Lead Regional Planner – Woody Chen

Lead Architect – Xiang Xiao

Design Team – Oriental Allied Architects Studio

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