Sinan Bistro 507



Located in the legendary Sinan Mansions' area, the former French concession in Shanghai, Sinan Bistro 507 is transforming into a light luxury dinning and social venue for the neighbourhood. Sophisticated lighting design with smart control strategy plays a very important role to make this happen.

By leveraging the layers of light and colour, Sinan Bistro 507 offers a relaxed yet refined environment which can be easily and seamlessly transformed from a cozy restaurant into a wild cocktail bar. Along with the music, the lighting can be autonomously adapted and interpret the space accordingly for a superior experience. 

Location: Shanghai, China 
Completion: 2018


Project Director – Frank F. Guo
Lead Lighting Designer – Finn Y.F. Gu

Lead Application Engineer – Junfeng Geng

Design Team – Shanghai Studio