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Welcome to Jerusalem



The Jewish Museum Berlin remains active during reconstruction of the Libeskind extension. In the Baroque Old Building, the entrance to the museum, we designed a new temporary feature exhibition entitled Welcome to Jerusalem, the museum’s largest yet.


Visitors take a journey of discovery through a series of spaces on the first floor where the immersive, layered design tangibly communicates the ambivalent character of the city. Through the design of dedicated theatrical settings, the use of multimedia tools, and the implementation of unique collection items, a rich, multi-layered exhibition has been created. For instance, one of the themed spaces exudes pure white sanctity to highlight the religious stories of the Holy City while another, dedicated to ‘Conflicts’, paints a gripping picture of the cycles of increasingly complex conflicts through a large 360-degree film installation.

Location: Berlin, Germany 

Completion: 2017

Project Director – Xuyang Zhao

Lead Space Designer – Xuyang Zhao

Design Team – Xtudio Spacial Design

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